Get Involved: Wendy’s whole life changed after getting involved in community activism! We know a lot of Australians want to be more involved in helping their communities fight back against climate change. We’ve selected some great groups that you can join in your local area. Every little act makes a difference, and there is no better time than now to get involved.


Option 1. Not sure where to start in your community? Leave us your details, and we will get in touch with you to help find the best place for you! 

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Option 2. Pick a group and send them your details to get involved. We have compiled some great groups, working on impactful climate focused solutions in communities around Australia. 

National Groups

Beyond Zero Emissions


Nature Conservation Council


Environment Victoria


Mackay Conservation Group


Climate Action Hobart


Climate Choices database


Conservation Council of WA


Environment Center NT

Youth Groups

Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Tomorrow Movement

About The Film: 

After The Smoke follows the story of Wendy Farmer, as she recounts the devastating 2014 Hazelwood mine fire. Wendy tells us the emotional journey from the initial sparks of the fire and the authority’s reticence to acknowledge anything was wrong, through to the turning point for her as a resident, a mother, and a wife being compelled to step up and use her voice at a town hall meeting. This moment led to the formation of Voices of the Valley, a community group instrumental in the Latrobe Valley’s fight for accountability, health, climate and change.

After The Smoke is part of the ABC and Doc Society’s Your Planet short documentary initiative, a diverse and thought-provoking catalogue of 11 documentaries from next generation Australian filmmakers focussed on climate and environmental solutions that shine a light on people and communities designing and acting for a positive future.

The initiative is supported by VicScreen, Screenwest, Screen Tasmania, Screen Queensland and Screen Territory.

About Wendy Farmer (she/her):

Wendy Farmer is an inspiring figure in Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley. As a community organizer with Friends of the Earth, she is passionate about advocating for the environment and raising awareness to promote sustainability. But her work doesn’t stop there; she is also the President of Voices of the Valley, a community advocacy group in the Latrobe Valley. Voices of the Valley’s work has notably led to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiries, The Latrobe Valley Authority, Latrobe Valley Health Innovation Zone, and the Environmental Protection Authority’s Victorian reform. Voices of the Valley are known for not just identifying problems, but for creating solutions and have won awards for Environmental Justice and Health Equity.

Wendy’s drive and dedication are evident in the many roles she takes on. She is an excellent media spokesperson, a prominent figure in the community, and a powerful public speaker. She has been invited to speak at progressive events around Australia and is a highly respected board member of The Next Economy.

Wendy Farmer is a force for positive change. Her commitment to making the world a better place for future generations, as well as her passion for social justice, health, environmental sustainability, and her dedication to her community are truly admirable and serve as an example to us all.