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Event Info:

When: Saturday, February 17th, 2024
Where: At the newly refurbished Kernot Hall, 50-70 Princes Dr, Morwell, VIC 3840

The themes of the day are commemoration and reflection. 

The community day aims to be a mix of celebrating our wins and the power of community advocacy, while also respecting the enormity of the impact that the fire had on our community.

This event will include a double film premiere of Environment Victoria’s short documentary series featuring unheard stories from a diverse range of community members. And, the Victorian premiere of After the Smoke! After the Smoke tells the story of Wendy Farmer, president of Voices of the Valley, who recounts how the devastating Hazelwood mine fire led her and many other community members to find their voice as community advocates.

Talks & Panel Info:

How Far We've Come

Explore the positive outcomes in our region 10 years after the Hazelwood Mine fire. Discuss the ongoing story of our community in transition.

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Health & Wellbeing

Discover the lessons from community-led health and well-being initiatives over the past decade, focusing on health impacts and progress in our community.

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Mine Rehabilitation

“Mine Rehabilitation” — Dive into the Valley’s future vision and aspirations, along with the energy sector and government’s plans for the region. Learn how we can make the valley more livable and discuss some barriers we face when designing our future.

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Active Communities

Explore tangible actions community members can take to get involved with local groups and how social connection contributes to community cohesion.

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Getting here

Driving: Please drive to Kernot Hall, 50-70 Pricess Drive, Morwell.
Parking: There is parking at the rear of the hall. There are accessible parking spaces in this car park.

Public Transport:

From Moe Route 1 every 30min from 7:19AM Albert St Terminal. Best service 8:49 arriving 9:06 or 9:19 arriving 9:36.
Returning services to Moe from Federation training stop (West Bound). Best services 17:19 or 17:49. Last service 18:49.

From Traralgon Route 1 every 30min from 7:00AM Traralgon Centre Plaza Terminal. Best service 9:00 arriving 9:19 or 9:30 arriving 9:49.
Returning services Federation Training (East Bound) stop. Best service 17:06 or 17:36 or 18:06. Last service 19:06.

From Churchill Route 2 Every Hour from 6:30.
Best services are 8:30 arriving Federation Stop 8:52 or 9:30 arriving Federation Stop 9:52. Arrives west bound Stop.
Departs East Bound Stop. Best service 17:43 or 18:43. Last service 18:43

Anyone arriving by train can get off at Morwell train station and catch services from the Commercial Rd Bus Terminal to Monash Way Stop East bound. On returning to Morwell Station, Catching Federation Training Stop West Bound to Commercial Road Stop. Both Route 1 and Route 2 service the East and West bound Stops.


Venue Map

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Event Timetable 

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Booths and Organizations

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Access information 

+ Watch our video for a venue tour walk through of Kernot Hall so you know where everything will be and what to expect on the day.
Available on our Facebook page:

+ There are access parking spaces available for those who need them. Access parking is at the front of Kernot Hall. 

+ Access support on site for all your event access needs. We have a volunteer support worker to help with any access requirements that arise at the event. Please let our volunteers know at the event if you require assistance on the day. 

+ All of our panels and booths will be on flat ground with no stairs.

+ All the panel/talks are Auslan interpreted.

+ Access toilets: There are 4 different public toilets at Kernot Hall. All of them are access toilets, one is gender-neutral.

+ We have two quiet spaces available for use.

+ The Lifeline team will be available from 10am to 5pm at the event and are running a free Self-Care Workshop from 1.15pm to 2.12pm.

 + The Wes team will be onsite from 10am to 4pm to offer free wellbeing & emotional support as well as tell you about the services offered at The Wes. 

+ When registering your free tickets, you can let us know any access requirements you have at check out here:


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About the team:

About the event team: The event has been created as part of independent Latrobe Valley-based filmmakers, Josie Hess & Stephanie Sabrinskas’ impact campaign for short film, After The Smoke (2023). After the Smoke was supported by ABC, VicScreen & Doc Society This event is supported by (click to open larger):