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Life After COAL


A documentary film

Life After Coal is a feature documentary in development by Writer/Director Josie Hess and Producer and Activist Stephanie Sabrinskas.

Life After Coal is currently listed on Documentary Australia, you can donate to the project. Donations are fully tax deductable. 

You can download our project’s development EPK here


Morwell sits on the precipice of one of Australia’s largest coal mines — in the wake of industrial collapse, the community activates around art to discover a new identity as it transitions towards an unknown future.


Life After Coal is set against the backdrop of Morwell, a Victorian mining town perched on the edge of the world’s largest open-cut brown coal mine.

With the next mine closing by 2028, the economic landscape of an area once responsible for producing 85% of Victoria’s electricity is set to change drastically.

A group of colourful local artists set out to create new public artworks that delve into the inherited wicked problem facing their home. Through exploration of identity, technology, history and politics the artworks help the townspeople to envision a future and process the collective trauma of the end of the fossil fuel era. Paving the way for what life after coal could look like in Australia and the world.

Teaser trailer